"Be healthy for you ...

      And those you love."


Pharmalto® was created to give everyone the tools they need to be better engaged in and more knowledgeable about their health care and to become healthier. Our inexpensive platform gives everyone the advantage of Telehealth (information sent through the telephone/mobile device) with their OWN DOCTOR.

This is the future of medicine     - B.J. MD internist

Doctors can connect with their patients unlike ever before. Automated screening of important health and wellness information collected by the patient is efficiently delivered to the doctor with the ability to uniquely screen electronic prescriptions for their suitability.

For insurers, employers and organizations the Pharmalto suite of products provides the most complete health and wellness platform available, facilitates accountability for incentive driven population health engagement/management, provides the member with unique access to Telehealth and knowledge about their medications with a unique solution to assist emergency personnel in their evaluation and treatment of members. The ultimate goal is a happier, healthier member whose productivity and wellness are improved.


    Reminder notifications assist you with following your doctor’s plan for your health and help make sure you have the information you need when you need it.

    Encourages YOU to be better engaged in your health and as your engagement in your medical treatment outcome will be improved while decreasing costs over time.


    MedLife assists the communication of your daily health and wellness events to your doctor. These events are checked against the guidelines your doctor can set for you and if these guidelines are exceeded your doctor is notified.


    Your life long Medicine Vault account allows all of your health and wellness information and the frequency that you take your prescriptions as well and much more together in one location when you want it at your fingertips. This information can then connect with your doctor with MedLife and emergency personnel with Pharmalto ID under your control.

    All Pharmalto products integrate to connect your health information to those that need it most for you.


Medlife®, Medicine-Vault® and PharmaltoID® integrate seamlessly to provide a platform for doctors, consumers, health entities and third party insurers.

Cloud technology provides up to date access to medicine, engagement and health and wellness information coupled with motivation.

Our solution improves consumer engagement, health treatment outcomes and decreases cost and utilization of health care resources.




  • - Create a life long history in your own health cloud available 24/7 with your smart phone
    • Medication and Supplements and their consumption
    • Allergies, Side effects and ineffective medications
    • Vaccinations
    • Health sensor data (blood pressure, weight, etc)
    • Activity information (steps, miles, calories, BMI etc)
    • Insurance information
    • And more...
  • - Set medication/supplement reminders, times automatically adjust with change in time zone
  • - Use First Data Bank (FDB) screens for medication/supplement interactions and allergies
  • - Use FDB to learn about precautions and special instructions for your medications
  • - Can link subaccounts for minors, seniors or the disabled
  • - Video on demand exercise instructional videos from a Personal Trainer (coming soon)
  • - Connect your health cloud to YOUR doctor with MedLife
  • - With Pharmalto ID emergency personnel can scan your personal code or NFC chip to access your vital information and emergency contacts in case of an emergency


  • - Your doctor can access your constantly updated health cloud with your permission 24/7
  • - Your doctor can set up the automatic review of new information in your health cloud so that if information you enter is of concern the doctor is notified.
  • - Helps you update your active medications


  • - Your vital information in your health cloud can be seen by emergency personnel
  • - Can be used to register emergency contact information for sporting events etc.


Pharmalto’s founder, Charles E. Neagle III, M.D. is a practicing Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeon who has twenty years of private practice experience in patient care and health practice management.

He is a magna cum laude graduate in Biomedical Engineering from Vanderbilt University and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Maryland Medical School with honors in anatomy, physiology, pathology and pharmacology.

He was elected to Tau Beta Pi and Alpha Omega Alpha, the engineering and medical school honor societies respectively. More recently, he is a founding board member of Ortho Texas a recently formed entity comprised of five merged orthopedic groups containing 28 orthopedic surgeons covering Irving, McKinney, Allen, Denton, Plano, Carrollton and Flower Mound areas of North Texas with further expansion plans underway.

Charles Neagle


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